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Just Dance Studio was established in 2006 in Magna, UT.  Our staff is highly qualified with many years of teaching experience.  They have traveled all over the country to teach, train & perform with prestigious artists.  We are dedicated to providing your family with the care and attention you deserve.

Just Dance feels the greatest dancers come from a good support system. That system starts with the parents and includes teachers and other community professionals. Because dance is a commitment and a continuous process, we encourage as many people in your family’s support system to be a part of your child’s dance education. It is important for dancers to receive support from everyone in their lives and be positive about their abilities and accomplishments.

Our goal as a studio is to provide a positive atmosphere for your family. Having a happy “studio family” is important and harmony between parents is key. Showing respect for other parents, as well as other dancers and faculty, makes a big impression on all dancers. As guardians and faculty, we strive to be positive influences and role models for your children.

We stress encouraging your dancer to be the best they can be on their own level. Comparing your dancer to others only causes animosity and jealousy. Dance is an individual art form and dancers need to gain strength and skills at their own pace. No two students' progress the same way.

Seeing your dancer’s progress is important to families, as well as the faculty. We work to provide the best possible teaching and training for both mind and body. The staff at Just Dance wants dancers to learn proper technique, but also to love and respect the beautiful art form of dance.

Understanding Dance Education: As a guardian we feel it is important for you to understand the world of dance. Dance is far more than physical training. Just Dance believes dancers also learn:

Positive Spirit and Character

Importance of Teamwork

Self-Discipline and Self-Esteem

Responsibility and Time Management

Coordination, Mobility and Flexibility

Sense of Rhythm

Consistency, Integrity and Passion

Our goal is to not only build beautiful, skilled dancers, but individuals with a strong mind and sense of success in every aspect of life.

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