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How to become a Team Member-

The Process

Our Competition Teams are by Tryout Only!  Tryouts are held in May at Just Dance Studio. 


Anyone is welcome to tryout. 


Pre registration is required. You may do this on our website when the time comes.


The Tryout process consists of 2 days of learning technique and routines which will be performed for judges.  Teams are selected by age, skill and how well they look & work together as a group.



We offer Beginning to Advanced teams from the age of 4 yrs up to 18 yrs.  Girls and Boys are welcome! 


The genres our teams compete in are: Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary & Hip Hop.

Just want to do Hip Hop?  We have the team for you!


Classes & Hours

Our training hours & classes depends on which team you are on.

We train in Ballet, Technique, Acro, Jazz-Lyrical-Contemporary & Hip Hop Choreography.

Hours per week range from 2-10.

Prodigy Training Program

Prodigy Program is an optional training track that will give each dancer the ability to add additional ballet, technique and acro classes to their weekly training.  This program is designed to be customizable to support each dancers' needs and goals!

Each individual dancer will be place where they will be most successful and given the support they need to grow.




Our Teams compete 4 times a year (March-May) with other performances as well.


-Halftime Shows

-Drill Team Reviews & Showcases

-Spring year end Recital

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