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Student registration fee is $20.00. A participation trophy is included in this.



A 45 min. class is $32.00, a 60 min. class is $35.00. Each additional class after the first class is $10.00 off. Family discount: 2 children $5.00 off, 3 children $7.00 off and 4 children $10.00 off . Any registered student who brings in a new student will get $5.00 taken off the tuition bill for one month. This does not apply to family members. Tuition is due by the first of every calendar month.Tuition is non-refundable. Tuition is based on a 9-month class year (or approximately 36 weeks), and is broken down into 9 monthly payments (September to May). The monthly fee remains the same regardless of the number of classes in any given month. Most months have 4 classes, sometimes there will be 5. December is a short month. There are no refunds given for missed classes, due to bad weather or other student absences. 


  •  Due on, or before, the 1st day of of each month

  • A $25 late fee is added if payment is not made

  • Returned checks will be charged a $25.00 service fee

  • Late fee policies are strictly enforced

  • Just Dance accepts cash, check, debit/credit & parent portal

  • Family discounts given for 2 or more dancers


All money and financial questions need to be handled through Jessie.  If the payment is received after the 7th of the month, there will be a $25.00 late charge automatically added.                       There will be a $25.00 fee for all returned checks.

The late fee will not be waived.  You are responsible for making your payments on time regardless if your child is absent, sick, on vacation or if studio is closed for holiday.

Accounts 60 days delinquent will be charged a $25.00 delinquent fee in addition to any other accumulated late fees.  Dancers will not be allowed to participate in class if your account is more than 60 days past due. All previously paid for items, such as recital and competition fees, will be forfeited, if you choose not to return to the studio. All delinquent accounts will be turned over to a collection agency.


Payment may be made in the office or through your parent portal.  If you make a payment after office hours, please give it to a teacher. If paying with cash put it in an envelope with dancers name, date & amount paying, please request a receipt.  Change is not kept at the studio, so if paying with cash please have the correct amount or account will be credited the overage.  All money and financial questions need to be handled through Jessie.


Registration- $20.00 (participation award included)

Recitals- are optional!

Winter Costume Fee- $40.00 per routine & one pair of tights $12

$25 for breakdance

Winter Recital Fee- $20.00  per dancer.

Our Spring Recital will be in May.

Spring Costume Fee- $40.00 per routine

$25 for breakdance
Spring Recital Fee- $30.00 1 dancer, $45.00 2 dancers, $55.00 3 dancers, $65 4 dancers

Dancers must wear appropriate dance clothes to class. Warm-up clothes are permitted, but must be taken off when the dancer is “warm”.

No baggy clothes, shorts, or t-shirts will be permitted! All dancers are required to wear leotard and tights or jazz pants or shorts to classes. It is too difficult to give the proper corrections if the instructors cannot see the dancer’s bodies if your dancer has other activities before or after class, please do not send them in street clothes. Bring a change of clothes in their dance bag. Faculty will ask a student to sit out and observe class if proper dance attire is not worn.  Dance wear is available for purchase through the studio. 

Dancers are required to wear the proper shoes to each class. For recital, pink ballet, black tap shoes and foot undeez are tan. Other colors are acceptable for class use only.

Dance shoes should be worn inside only. Wearing dance shoes outside will ruin the shoe and bring in dirt to the dance floor. Please put your dancer’s name in their shoes as it’s easy to get them mixed up. Masking tape on the bottom of tap shoes and a sharpie marker on jazz and ballet shoes is an easy way to uniquely identify shoes.                                                                                      Shoes are available for purchase through the studio.

There will be two observation weeks. Winter and Spring, we will combine observation week with our recital meeting. Please mark your calendars for these weeks. 

It is important to monitor your children’s progress and see the instructors interact with the dancers. Observation weeks are not necessarily typical classes at Just Dance. Please keep in mind that dancers’ are very excited and can be easily distracted having guests watch through the windows. Instructors have to work extra hard during these weeks to make sure the class stays as structured as a class held outside observation week. The staff appreciates your understanding.

Gossiping about other children or teachers is not tolerated at Just Dance, and if it is heard, you will be asked to leave.

Observation weeks are very exciting, but to make it an enjoyable experience for all, please be respectful of others.

It is extremely helpful to the instructor to keep voices down during observation week or any other classes. Noise does travel into the dance rooms and the dancers feed off the energy outside of the door.



Winter & Spring Costume- $40.00

Breakdance $25
Tights- $12.00 

Winter Recital Fee- $20 per dancer

Spring Recital Fee- 

$30- 1 dancer, $45- 2 dancers, $55- 3 dancers & $65-  4 dancers



If you would like to change classes, add or remove a class, or completely terminate dance classes, an Add/Drop slip must be filled out by a parent or the parent portal may be used.  In order to be removed from financial obligation, we must receive your intentions to stop classes in writing at the start of the month you wish to stop. 

Refunds for over payment of tuition and or fees will only be given for approved medical withdrawals.  All other open balances will be applied to tuition and or fees for the balance of the calendar year.

                              TEAM FEE:  jacket, shoes, practice attire, rehearsal time & T-shirt                                    (Total Cost depends on how many teams and what you order)
Due at Registration

TEAM PAYMENT:  In addition to monthly tuition, there will be 6 Team Payments (Sept-Feb)

to cover the itemized cost above.  (The team payment does not include the Team Fee or 

Recital Fee.)  Team payments will be added to your monthly tuition.

Spring Recital Fee- Due March 1st

$30- 1 dancer, $45- 2 dancers, $55- 3 dancers & $65-  4 dancers

Tuition- $35-$55

Costume- Jitter Bugs $80, Hip Hop $85

Competition Fee- $70 per routine

Tuition- $95-$150

Costume Fee- (includes tights & hip hop shoes)

$155 2 routines

$210 3 routines

$40 each extra piece

Competition Fee-  this is a one time fee that covers all 4 competitions

$140- 2 routines

$200- 3 routines

$70- per extra piece

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